Car accident Lawyers in New York

How to Find a Car Accident Lawyer in New York

If you have been in a car accident and need a New York auto accident lawyer, this article should help you to know where to start looking. Before you start your search, though, you should consider some essential concepts regarding your car accident. Drivers have a responsibility to other drivers. When a driver's behavior causes an accident, they are responsible for the accident. Negligence is defined as any action that takes place which causes an accident or harm to others. If the person involved in your accident knew or should have known of the potential harm to others, they are negligent. When this occurs, you may need help in seeking restitution for your injuries and physical damage to your vehicle.

Why do I need help with a motor vehicle accident matter?

First, many people wonder why they should seek out legal assistance for a car crash. Isn't insurance enough to cover the financial losses I may receive from the incident? The answer is: yes and no. While car insurance is necessary to cover the loss that you may cause others if the accident is your fault, it does little to cover the damage that may be inflicted on you by others who are negligent toward you. Comprehensive car insurance covers incidents outside of car accidents, but the only coverage you have with your vehicle insurance that is specifically for your vehicle repairs is collision coverage. If the crash was not your fault, you should not have to pay for this damage.

Some states are known as "no-fault states." This law means that, if you are traveling and have an accident in another state, you are subject to their car insurance regulations, not the regulations of your state. If someone runs into you and causes you injury or damage to your vehicle, it may be up to your insurance to pay for it. This doesn't seem fair in many cases because the damage and injuries that you incur may far exceed anything your insurance may cover.

In this case, you should seek the help of a car accident lawyer. It sometimes takes a legal expert to know what your rights are in the search for recovery of damages for your injuries and loss that go beyond the scope of the insurance world. Car accident attorneys have the expertise to analyze your case and tell you what types of damages you may be eligible for through legal channels. While no one wants to sue anyone for damages, when you encounter someone who is negligent and irresponsible, justice sometimes requires that you seek help through an NYC accident lawyer.

How to Find the Car Accident Lawyer You Need

When you decide to seek legal help in New York, you should think about what your goal is regarding your situation. Did you suffer bodily injury, damage to your vehicle, and loss of property that the insurance will not pay? Remember that not every attorney specializes in this area of the law, so it is to your advantage to get an auto accident attorney New York recognizes as a reputable car accident lawyer.

Start by looking at the website of a car accident attorney in New York who specializes in cases of negligence, personal injury, or car accidents. Some attorneys specialize only in car accidents and recovery of damages for bodily harm. Others may take on a variety of types of cases that deal with negligence. The most important thing is to look at their reputation and see how others' experiences have been with them.

Costs of Car Accident Cases

The costs of legal help for car accident cases can vary depending on the level of help you are seeking. If you just want a basic consultation, many lawyers only charge a flat consultation fee of $100 or less. Others may not require that you pay until they win your case. This is a factor that you should look into when seeking the services of a New York car accident lawyer.

Remember that your case may seem simple but if the defendant contests it, it could be drawn out for several months. Never settle on an amount until you know that all of your injuries have been taken care of. Often, car accident injuries don't appear until weeks or months after the accident. They may also linger for years, causing you health problems or physical difficulties for years to come. This fact is one of the main reasons you need to consult with an accident attorney in New York. Your attorney typically will get a percentage of the monetary amount that you get as a result of the case. You'll receive the rest of the allocation minus the legal fees that your lawyer charges. It's a small price to pay, though, for being able to see justice done and having your expensive medical and property damage costs paid in full.

Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer in Your First Consultation

Once you locate an NYC accident lawyer that meets your needs, you should consider the following questions to ask your attorney during your first consultation. These questions should help you decide if the attorney is best for you.

  • 1. What is your specialty area?
  • 2. Have you handled personal injury or negligence cases in the past? What was the result?
  • 3. What is your initial fee and when do you bill?
  • 4. Do you think you can win my case?
  • 5. What information can I supply that will help you bring my case together?
Remember that attorneys are smart people. But they can only go on the information that their clients bring to them. Be sure to document every doctor's visit, your accident report, any communications with insurance companies, or the defendant when seeking to pursue a car accident case. You need to be compensated for any financial loss not covered by your vehicle insurance, including the time off from work, and other expenses and repairs.

Whether you settle outside of court or in court, choosing a good New York accident attorney is one of the most important things you should do to influence the chances of your success in winning your case. If we can help you explore your options, let us know.